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iDOL +1D was founded in Hong Kong early 2016. We are a group of locals all passionate about Japanese idol culture. Our goal is to bring the most updated information of the industry to you, specially to those who has not yet realise the beauty of it. We believe that widening the audience population is the best medium to support the girls, their time and effort spent on and off stage shouldn’t be wasted.

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Morimono(もりもの) is our official partner. They are a Hong Kong Idol group which is founded in 2018. The concept of Morimono is from forest and animal. Each member represent one breed of animal. Leader Shiki Neko is also a famous cosplayer in Hong Kong. Morimono is becoming a well-known idol group in Hong Kong, it is our pleasure to introduce them to you.

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ひとみ ウサ HitomiUsa

暱稱  Hitomi
生日  9月4日身高  152cm
成員顏色  紺色
出身地  香港


さぁや シカ Saaya Shika

暱稱  Saaya
生日  12月25日身高  155cm
成員顏色  桃色
出身地 香港


シキ ネコ Shiki Neko

暱稱  Shiki
生日  5月1日身高  165cm
成員顏色  藤柴色
出身地 香港